Kayaking near our luxury Woodbury apartments.

Discover Nature’s Charm Around Our Woodbury Apartments

At City Walk at Woodbury, our community has vibrant, active lifestyles, supported by the wide array of amenities our Woodbury apartments provide. Featuring an indoor swimming pool, sauna, top-tier fitness center, yoga studio, and a designated area for pets, our residents have ample ways to stay active, soak in some sunlight, or indulge in relaxation. Beyond the confines of our apartments, the great outdoors awaits, offering diverse activities like walking trails, fishing, camping, and skiing to engage with nature’s bounty throughout the year.

Lake Elmo Park Reserve: An All-Encompassing Natural Playground

Near our Woodbury apartments, Lake Elmo Park Reserve shines as a preferred natural haven. A short 15-minute journey north reveals a 2,165-acre park brimming with activities such as archery, boating, skiing, hiking, horseback riding, camping, fishing, a swimming pond, and educational wildlife programs. For those intrigued by archery, Lake Elmo Park Reserve provides the perfect backdrop to master your skills, with lessons available for enthusiasts. This park is not only a hub for adventure but also a sanctuary for wildlife, boasting gently undulating terrains home to a diverse ecosystem.

Water aficionados will find their bliss at Lake Elmo Park Reserve, with provisions for both motorized and non-motorized vessels, alongside a swimming pond ideal for summer dips. The reserve also offers a picturesque locale for hosting events, from weddings to corporate gatherings, at the Nordic Center. With so much to explore, residents of our Woodbury apartments find endless enjoyment at this cherished park, regardless of the season.

Markgrafs Lake Trail: A Birdwatcher’s Delight

Merely a stroll away, Markgrafs Lake offers serene lake views and exceptional birdwatching, its trail adorned with vibrant wildflowers in the summer. A haven for pets and their owners, Markgrafs Lake Trail promises unique seasonal experiences for repeat visits.

Powers Lake Park: Ideal for Hiking and Picnics

Close to Markgrafs Lake is the scenic Powers Lake, surrounded by picturesque landscapes perfect for hiking, fishing, and canoeing. It’s an excellent spot for family outings, complete with picnic areas and playgrounds to keep everyone entertained.

Tamarack Preserve: A Winter Wonderland

When the cold sets in, Tamarack Nature Preserve transforms into a winter paradise, offering skiing for all levels, ice skating, and year-round hiking opportunities.

Enjoy Golfing Near Our Woodbury Apartments

Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the proximity to Oak Marsh and Eagle Valley Golf Courses, both offering excellent facilities and programs for all skill levels, alongside hosting events.

Embrace Active Living at City Walk Apartments in Woodbury MN

Embark on a tour of our luxury Woodbury apartments and discover how we cater to the dynamic lifestyle you seek.

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